Bug-ism #87

March 20, 2014 at 7:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Conversation in Sam’s Club on March 19:

Mom:  I want hot dogs, but I don’t want a box of 80 of them.

Bug: Just get it if you want hot dogs.

Mom:  But I don’t have room for that many wieners.

Bug: …

Bug:  That’s what she said?

(and then we broke into a fit of hysterical giggling that lasted through our walk to the checkout)


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Bug-ism #86

March 4, 2014 at 8:25 pm (Bug-isms)

This was a continued conversation about the afore mentioned mouse wrangling…a little more detail for your reading pleasure:

Mom: just how did you catch him?
Bug: apparently I’m macguiver.
Bug: he was behind a large planter that couldn’t be moved
Bug: so I set up a box on it’s side next to it and had a girl bang on the other side
Bug: ran right into it
Mom: wow
Mom: that’s impressive
Bug: he was scaring the poor little college girls
Bug: I mean, a couple of them helped which was cool
Mom: so…now…
Mom: how did he escape?
Bug: well you see
Bug: I had peeked into the box to get a picture of him
Bug: down in l-wing
Bug: on my way to the office of vet tech (one person apparently)
Bug: then I closed the box again
Bug: but as I was talking to a guy in a nearby office
Bug: he crawled through the small gap in the top and just jumped right out
Bug: and into <vet tech>’s office
Bug: door was closed.
Mom: oh my…
Bug: I figured, I don’t even know this woman I can’t leave a mouse in her office
Bug: even if she is vet tech.
Bug: so I stood outside her door for about 15 minutes waiting
Bug: he didn’t fall for the box trick again
Bug: but I at least got him out of the office
Bug: lost track of him after that
Bug: and that
Bug: was my Monday.

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Mom-ism #6

March 4, 2014 at 8:20 pm (Mom-isms)

Another instant message conversation (March 2014):

Bug: sup
Mom: not much
Mom: sup witchoo, mouse wrangler?
Bug: oh ya know
Bug: eating breakfast in my office
Bug: cause I had to shave my legs.
Mom: LOL
Mom: your logic is wonderfully understandable
Mom: which is both worrisome and magical at the same time!
Bug: why worrisome?
Bug: shaving my legs took longer than a normal shower
Bug: hence not enough time to enjoy breakfast at home
Bug: so I threw some oatmeal in a bowl, heated it up at work and bam, breakfast.
Mom: no no…the worrisome part is on me…that I understand your logic perfectly

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Bug-ism #85

March 4, 2014 at 8:17 pm (Bug-isms)

Recent instant message conversation (March 2014):

Bug: I caught a mouse
Bug: and then accidently set him free in the l wing.
Mom: yikes!
Mom: wait…L?
Bug: yes….
Bug: I was trying to find a vet tech person
Bug: in hopes they would have a humane solution
Bug: other than “kill it” or “put it outside in the freezing cold”
Mom: I have one of those high-pitch thingies in my office, anyway
Mom: no hearing mouse will come near me
Bug: but the deaf mice
Mom: yeah…I gotta watch out for them
Mom: the blind ones will likely get caught by the farmer’s wife
Bug: cause they’re dumb
Mom: wait…dumb are the non-speaking ones, right?

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